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Mayfair Games

1844 / 1854 1844 / 1854
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1844 / 1854 1844 (by Helmut Ohley) follows the start of public railway operations in the year 1844 in Switzerland. The game incorporates 7 private companies, 5 mountain railroads, 5 tunnel operators and a total of 15 railroad corporations. 1854 (by Leonhard Orgler) is set inside the current geographical boirder of Austria. The game incorporates tunnels, a local map in order to build the local netw…
1853 1853
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1853 1853 is the new edition of Francis Tresham's classic game about railway building in colonial India. It is part of the acclaimed 18xx™ series. We've given this elegant 20th Anniversary edition a total makeover. 3-6 players use their initial money to capitalize railroad companies and blanket India with an ever-changing railway network. Different rail guages add a new twist, even for experienced…
Agricola - Family Edition Agricola - Family Edition
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Australian Rails Australian Rails
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Board Games > Mayfair Games > ... AUSTRALIAN RAILS Experience the thrills of owning, building, and operating railroads in the land down under! Explore the outback and extend your rail empire across mountains and deserts to build a fortune. Beware dangerous sandstorms and flooding rivers as you stretch your rails across this vast continent! Australian Rails is part of the award-winning Empire Build…
Caverna - Cave vs Cave Caverna - Cave vs Cave
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CAVERNA - CAVE vs CAVE You are standing before a cleft in the mountain: the new home of your dwarf tribe. There is a lot of work to be done with only two pairs of helping hands at the start. Soon more members of your tribe will be able to help but there is no time tobe wasted. Another nearby tribe is seemingly doing better than you. So, chop, chop! Cut into the mountain, furnish cavern after caver…
Caverna - The Cave Farmers Caverna - The Cave Farmers
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CAVERNA - THE CAVE FARMERS You cultivate the forest in front of your cavern and dig deeper into the mountain throughout the game. By furnishing rooms in your caverns you make space to grow your tribe and and create new goods from your resources. Deeper into the mountain you will find fountains as well as ore and gem mines. It's on you to decide how much ore and gems you want to mine, giving you th…
Emira Emira
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Glass Road Glass Road
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Justinian Justinian
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Patchwork Patchwork
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Patchwork Express Patchwork Express
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Patchwork Express A game by Uwe Rosenberg Simpler than Patchwork—is this even a thing? Yes, it is! Everything got a little simpler in this Patchwork spin-off for the young and old: the boards are smaller, there are fewer tiles to place, and the game takes even less time than Patchwork. The tile size got bigger so the tiles are easy to grab and read. Plus, Patchwork Express is at least as fun as it…
Sutters Mill Sutters Mill
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