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Robotech: Ace Pilot Robotech: Ace Pilot
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Japanime Games > ROBOTECH: ACE PILOT A competitive dice game where you vie for the esteemed title of Ace Pilot. Each turn, you must evaluate the enemy threat, then attempt to recruit the best SDF-1 crew member for the job, collecting kills as you succeed. Along the way, gather key upgrades and thwart your friends in an attempt to gain the title of Ace Pilot! Game Info: Ages: 12+ Players: 2-4 Time:…
Robotech: Brace for Impact Robotech: Brace for Impact
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Japanime Games > Robotech > ... ROBOTECH: BRACE FOR IMPACT Take on the roles of RDF officers aboard the Super Dimensional Fortress-1. You're the last line of defense against the massive invading Zentraedi fleet. After hours of raging battle, SDF-1's Armor is failing, the Hull is buckling, Life Support systems are critical, and the Bridge is in chaos! It's time to band together for the final battle…
Robotech: Cyclone Run Robotech: Cyclone Run
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Japanime Games > Robotech > ... ROBOTECH: CYCLONE RUN The alien Invid have conquered Earth & it’s a race against time for the Rebels to reach Reflex Point, the heart of the Invid! Using luck & skill, explore the planet and destroy as many enemies along the way as you can! In Robotech: Cyclone Run, you’ll roll dice to draft different Robotech Heroes, allowing you to move your Cyclones across the 3x…


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