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Lets Kill

Lets Kill - Second Edition Lets Kill - Second Edition
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Let's Kill, Second Edition A bloody little card game of stick figure mayhem! Have you ever had the urge to start beating some know-it-all who really deserved it, but were held back by those frustrating social boundaries? Ever wanted to go psycho on a bunch of bleached-blonde cheerleaders, or the pretentious beatnick at the corner coffee shop? Ever wanted to achieve fame through your horrifying act…
Lets Kill: A Pretty Corpse Lets Kill: A Pretty Corpse
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Let's Kill: A Pretty Corpse An Expansion Deck for Let's Kill "Live fast, die young, make a PRETTY CORPSE" Sporks and weed whackers just not enough for to slake your bloodlust anymore? Looking for a little more madness in your mayhem? Just mix the 55 cards from A Pretty Corpse into your Let's Kill deck and add even more distinctive stick figure art and gruesome humor to your next game... because th…
Lets Kill: Crime Scene Instigation Lets Kill: Crime Scene Instigation
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Crime Scene Instigation An Expansion Deck for Let's Kill The great thing about CRIME SCENES is that you can MAKE YOUR OWN! Looking for more homicidal mayhem? More darkly humorous stick figure art? Or maybe just some ideas for your crime drama script? Add some madness to your method with Crime Scene Instigation, a morbidly funny expansion for the Let's Kill card game. Just mix these 55 cards into y…


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