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Shiver RPG - Core Book Shiver RPG - Core Book
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SHIVER ROLE-PLAYING GAME - CORE BOOK SHIVER is a tabletop roleplaying game that lets players bring their favourite scary movies, spooky tv shows, and horror stories to life. Ever wanted to play through the plot of your favourite film on the tabletop? Or wanted to make sequels, prequels and original stories in the worlds of pop culture you love? SHIVER lets you play that! SHIVER is setting neutral…
Shiver RPG: Archetype Dice Pack Shiver RPG: Archetype Dice Pack
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SHIVER - Archetype Dice Pack Roll the knucklebones and test your luck. The SHIVER RPG Archetype Dice Pack contains all the dice you need to get your character rolling in game! Included within are: 10x - 6 sided black Skill dice with engraved coloured Core Skill symbols. 4x - 8 sided white Talent dice with engraved coloured Strange & Talent symbols. One pack should be sufficient for a single player…
Shiver RPG: Directors Screen Shiver RPG: Directors Screen
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SHIVER - Director's Screen Hide your machinations behind this Director's Screen for the SHIVER RPG. Jam packed with quick reference and tables to make your role as the Director a breeze.
Shiver RPG: The Cursed Library Shiver RPG: The Cursed Library
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SHIVER - The Cursed Library A collection of terrifying tales for the award winning SHIVER RPG. A Military operation discovers horrors aboard a lost ship in the Arctic circle. A group of 1980's kids explore a haunted house on Halloween night. A Wild West posse investigates mysterious disappearances at a mountain mine. A crew answers a distress signal in the uncharted depths of deep space, only to f…


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