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ADB3210: ISC War ADB3210: ISC War
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ADB3211: Strategic Operations ADB3211: Strategic Operations
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Federation & Empire STRATEGIC OPERATIONS "We need a whole new strategery!" --Admiral George X Bush, 2576 AD And now you have it! Hospital ships to undevastate planets. Sector bases to bolster defenses. Operational bases to move the fight toward the enemy. Small transports to move around small things (money, people, etc.). Dozens of new ship types. Engineers to build defenses. Survey ships to find…
ADB4001: Klingon Border ADB4001: Klingon Border
Out of stock
Federation Commander KLINGON BORDER The new fast-paced starship combat game for a new generation of gaming! Everything is designed for simplicity, lack of clutter, and fast play. One die roll resolves ten points of damage. Ship diagrams are color coded. Energy allocation is done on the fly. There are only eight fire-decision steps per turn. Boxed product, includes 40 full-color 1" playing pieces w…
ADB4002: Romulan Border ADB4002: Romulan Border
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Federation Commander ROMULAN BORDER The cloaked Romulans are raiding the Federation Border, while the Gorns remain an enigma. (Will the dinosauroids become friends, or enemies?) Includes six mounted map panels, 40 full-color one-inch playing pieces, 216 full-color half-inch game markers, 16 laminated full-color double-sided ship cards, plus rules, dice, marking pencil, and play aids. This product…
ADB4003: Academy ADB4003: Academy
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Federation Commander ACADEMY A "starter set" for the Federation Commander game system! Includes everything you need to drive a starship, but at a lower cost. Contents include: Complete rulebook from Federation Commander: Klingon Border 72 half-inch counters 22x25 paper map with 5/8 inch hexes Four ship cards (Federation Heavy Cruiser, Klingon D7 Battlecruiser, Romulan War Eagle, Gorn Battlecruiser…
ADB4004: Graduation ADB4004: Graduation
Out of stock
Federation Commander GRADUATION This product contains every part of Federation Commander: Klingon Border which is not found in Federation Commander: Academy ... for people who bought FC: Academy to be able to easily upgrade to the complete game experience. Included are the one-inch counters, six-hard mounted map boards, and 14 ship cards.
ADB4007: Line of Battle ADB4007: Line of Battle
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ADB4020: Reference Rulebook ADB4020: Reference Rulebook
Out of stock
Federation Commander REFERENCE RULEBOOK All of the rules, in one book, in order, front to back, with everything added, inserted, edited, and rewritten to clarify the rules and make them high and tight, ready for battle. This is the complete rulebook, with all of the rules from: Klingon Border, Klingon Attack, Romulan Border, Romulan Attack, Tholian Attack, Booster Zero, Battleships Attack, Communi…


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