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Other Games (A-Z)

Breakdancing Meeples Breakdancing Meeples
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Atlas Games > ... BREAKDANCING MEEPLES When beats bump, meeples gotta dance. From headstands to footwork, you know your dance crew is the hottest around…but now it’s time to prove it. Compete against rival crews for the world championship trophy in four one-minute dance offs, racking up crowd appeal by completing Routine cards. Between each dance off, crews learn a new Routine. The crew with the m…
Cogs and Commissars Cogs and Commissars
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COGS AND COMMISSARS You are an inspirational leader! You might take the role of the Artificial Stalintelligence, Simulenin, or Gorobotchev, among others. You have your own faction and your own deck of cards. On your turn, you grow your faction in two ways: First, you produce more robot citizens. But also, you use propaganda to sway citizens from other factions to join your own chrome-plated cause.…
Lost in Rlyeh Lost in Rlyeh
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Lost in R'lyeh The card game of escaping dread Cthulhu and certain madness R'lyeh is a terrible and ancient city, risen from the depths of the Pacific by a great curse. There, Cthulhu lies both dead and dreaming, waiting to consume any who venture near. In Lost in R'lyeh, players are trapped in H.P. Lovecraft's short story, "The Call of Cthulhu." From the mysterious discovery of a profane idol, to…
Once Upon a Time (3rd Edition) Once Upon a Time (3rd Edition)
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Atlas Games > ... ONCE UPON A TIME Fairy tales range from delightful and light to dark and gruesome, and so does Once Upon a Time! Once Upon a Time is a game in which the players work together to create a new fairy tale using elements from their cards like dungeons, giants, and cauldrons. Steer the story toward the secret ending you hold. Those endings can be light, like "So the king relented and…


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