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Fallout: Mysterious Stranger Fallout: Mysterious Stranger
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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare > Unaligned > ... MYSTERIOUS STRANGER Where does he come from? Some say he’s an avenging angel, the representation of the Wasteland’s anger. Others say he’s a man like any other, so experienced and advanced in his skills that he appears to come from nowhere and return as quickly. No one knows his name, and some dare not even talk about his, just in case he’s right there…
Fallout: T-51 Power Armor Fallout: T-51 Power Armor
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Fallout: Wasteland Warfare > Unaligned > ... T-51 POWER ARMOUR T-51 power armor was the peak of armor technology before the Great war, and remains one of the most iconic sets of personal-protective exo-suit plating in the wasteland. The next generation after the prototype T-45, this durable exo-suit was deployed first to take back Anchorage and then into the heart of China in America’s counter att…


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