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COVID-19 (The Coronavirus Pandemic 2020)

Business Update:

Last revised: 1st September 2020


The shop itself is now open to the public. Current government guidance is that:

  1. Social distancing (1m + mitigation) is maintained where possible.
  2. Customers are expected to wear masks.

The shop is open 10am-6pm, every day.

The Games Room/Tables remain closed to the public. Further details below.

---Steven @ Clifton Road Games, Exeter

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

Opening Hours

Since shops were permitted to re-open on 15th June 2020, we have been open 7-days a week (10am-6pm).

There are three primary reasons for doing this:

  1. With people limiting travel as much as possible, it is much less straightforward for customers to be flexible;
  2. Selling things is very helpful;
  3. 7-day weeks were part of the 'Grand Plan' for 2020, albeit differently and under different circumstances.

Like pretty much everyone else, I had VERY different expectations of 2020 but we play the hand we are dealt. The shop will continue to open every day throughout September.

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

In-store Gaming

The games room/tables will remain closed for, at least, the next couple of weeks (ie. 1st to 14th September 2020).

I have started scheduling things for mid-September, in the hope that we will be able to run something for the Magic Prerelease Weekend - traditionally the biggest in-store gaming event of the year - but, in all honesty and for reasons discussed in more detail below, I am not hugely optimistic that we will be able to go ahead with it.

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

Staff on Furlough

So, instead of a grand plan to maybe hire additional staff, open longer hours and run more events, I'm still in the loop of paying the existing staff to stay away. As a business situation, it is 'survivable'. The pandemic situation continues to develop, information improves over time - even if that means you become more conscious of the fact that it essentially all boils down to "your best guess" - and the government support means that the best long term strategy is to wait absolutely as long as possible before making a decision.

With children returning to school, students returning to college/university and an overall increase in population movement, it seems likely that September will see an increase in COVID-19 exposure. Not necessarily a problematic increase (in either medical or societal terms) but our immediate future will probably trend, at least a bit, in the wrong direction. Overall, it seems like a bad moment to insist people return to work.

For now, with government help, I shall continue to work on my 'Responsible Boss' badge, buying them time and allowing them to remain safe, before everyone is forced to make decisions in October... at which point, one way or another, I am definitely taking a day off!

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

Mail Order / Local Delivery / Click & Collect

Mail Order
... remains unaffected. Phone or order via the website and we post things out. We are able to post things on most week days.

Local Delivery
... within Exeter, I am offering to drop things off after work (usually between 6pm and 7pm). There has been a marked increase in traffic since mid-August, so I do not know how long this option will remain practical.

Collection works best if you phone your order. We can issue an invoice (via PayPal) for payment online (via PayPal account or Credit/Debit card). We prefer that you do not simply use the online shopping cart if you intend to collect, as it is REALLY easy to miss the attached note.

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

CRG Recommends

This started with a short list of recommendations, originally posted on Facebook, primarily aimed at parents with young children and not necessarily much in the way of time, access or budget with which to source suitable games. The Simple Games link below focuses on these more traditional games involving playing cards, stones, dice, readily available rules, and boards which can be easily made or printed.

The second list references specifically 2-player Games, because so many people will be 'at home' without access to their regular gaming group and wanting games with a lot of replay value suitable for just two people (including one perhaps not quite so hardcore gamer).

Gateway Games are tried and tested entry level boardgames for 3 or more players. Some of these also work well as 2-Player games.

Future Games is a bit more of a personal project. The intention is to highlight some games that we would like to do more with in-store once we can return to hosting games events. It's a combination of personal interests, games that already have a small local following which would welcome more players, plus a few that I just feel deserve more group attention than they currently seem to have.

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

Rainbow Meeples with Masks

1. Furloughed - A government sponsored process where staff keep their jobs and get paid, whilst staying home not working and watching Disney+.


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