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COVID-19 (The Coronavirus Pandemic 2020)


Last revised: 20th May 2020

Business Update

The shop itself remains closed to the public. Government guidance is pretty clear that we are not 'Essential Retail' and therefore required to close the shop. The guidance is also very clear that Mail Order can and should continue to operate (safely) where possible. We are also able to operate a shop front Collection Point for pre-paid orders.

Shop staff remain furloughed[1] and I have the building to myself. It creates a few problems with deliveries - some couriers are refusing to deliver (or being sufficiently vague that suppliers are reluctant to send deliveries to retail premises) - but the business is able to function at a sustainable level.

Current indications are that we can hope to reopen the shop, in some limited capacity, from 1st June 2020. Government Guidance remains subject to constant revision and our best guess is that reopening will involve: strictly limited numbers of customers in-store at any time, maintenance of social-distancing requirements, and that the games room/tables will remain unavailable until at least 1st July 2020.

On a personal note, I am deliberately trying to avoid working on Sunday (and where possible Monday as well) because, after 2+ months, I am increasingly aware of the overall workload involved. No self-employed individual is ever truly free from work and occasionally you have to make conscious decisions simply to prevent it from killing you.

---Steven @ Clifton Road Games, Exeter

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Mail Order / Local Delivery / Click & Collect

Mail Order
... is unaffected. Phone or order via the website and we post things out. Shipping itself is a little disrupted (eg. extended delivery times, no 'guaranteed' delivery windows) and I can't currently promise to send next day. I'm aiming for Tuesday and Friday as regular shipping days but at the moment we are mostly posting by next working day.

At time of writing, we're finding that delivery times are running close to normal expectations, but 'guaranteed' delivery services are limited to a particular day rather than a specific time slot.

Local Delivery
... within Exeter I'm offering to drop things off after work (so usually 6-7pm). With minimal traffic levels and everyone being basically 'at home', this is logistically far more straightforward than it might otherwise be.

Safe Collection
... we able to permit shop front (or kerbside) collections. The emphasis falls on the customer to ensure that they comply with social distancing, as well as daily excercise, personal shopping, and outdoor activity guidelines.

We operate a safe-collection point at the shop door. The fact that the shop entrance corridor is effectively a 5m 'airlock' has become something of a bonus under these circumstances.

Call, Email, or Message if this option is likely to be useful to you.

Collection works best if you phone your order through, but we can issue an invoice (via PayPal) for payment online (via PayPal account or Credit/Debit card), or you can simply use the online shopping cart.

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CRG Recommends ...

This started with a short list of recommendations, originally posted on Facebook, primarily aimed at parents with young children and not necessarily much in the way of time, access or budget with which to source suitable games. The Simple Games link below focuses on these more traditional games involving playing cards, stones, dice, readily available rules, and boards which can be easily made or printed.

The second list references specifically 2-player Games, because so many people will be 'at home' without access to their regular gaming group and wanting games with a lot of replay value suitable for just two people (including one perhaps not quite so hardcore gamer).

Gateway Games are tried and tested entry level boardgames for 3 or more players. Some of these also work well as 2-Player games.

Future Games is a bit more of a personal project. The intention is to highlight some games that we would like to do more with in-store once we can return to hosting games events. It's a combination of personal interests, games that already have a small local following which would welcome more players, plus a few that I just feel deserve more group attention than they currently seem to have.

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Organized Play

  • Public gatherings are basically all banned.
  • All in-store organized play programmes are officially suspended.

Wizards of the Coast are offering incentives via MTG Arena [more info] for players who continue to interact with and support their local games stores at this time.

As things develop information will be posted here, on Facebook (via our Events), as well as some coordination via our Discord server. These are all relatively new processes, please bear with us.

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1. Furloughed - A government sponsored process where staff keep their jobs and get paid, whilst staying home not working and watching Disney+.


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