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Argoat Argoat
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Japanime Games > Domina > ... ARGOAT Stories claim that Eden is a land of beauty without compare, and that its residents are bestowed with eternal life. However, the way to Eden is not open to all. Should it be discovered, the paradise will once again fade into darkness. Your sources indicate that Eden slumbers somewhere in the vicinity of a certain Frontier Town. In order to discern its exact loc…
Latria Latria
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Miraris Miraris
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Japanime Games > Domina > ... MIRARIS Discover the secrets of the Dream World, reflected in the antique mirror, as you explore its many Wonders. The Wonders, however, can only be visited by one person at a time. As you travel, you will find friends among the inhabitants of the Dream World. At the end of the game, the player who uncovers the truth behind the Dream World by scoring the most points i…
Pralaya Pralaya
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Japanime Games > Domina > ... PRALAYA Long ago, there was an island nation in the southern sea that enjoyed a great period of cultural prosperity. Surrounded by natural beauty and gifted with tremendous intellect, the island's residents believed their peaceful lifestyle would go on for all time. But one morning, a fearsome demon broke free from its ancient prison and began to drag the island into…


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