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Ragnar Brothers

Anyways Anyways
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Ragnar Brothers > ... ANYWAYS Anyways is a fast-paced, interactive word game in which players place one letter at a time from their hand onto the board, while trying to maximize their score. Words score in every direction: horizontally, vertically and diagonally; forwards or backwards. In other words, Anyways! Players choose whether to restock their hand from the consonant bag or the vowel bag, an…
Blooming Gardens Blooming Gardens
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Ragnar Brothers > ... BLOOMING GARDENS If only gardening was this simple! Siz months of beautiful flowers guaranteeed, provided you can collect the right cards. Lay fertiliser to score more points and watch out for those dreaded pests! The best garden wins the game, but everyone ill enjoy their little corner of paradise in Blooming Gardens. Game info: Ages: 7+ Players: 2-6 Time: 30 mins .
Monastery Monastery
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MONASTERY All is peace in the monastery. Shady cloisters surround warm gardens; great libraries and writing rooms resonate to the sound of quills on parchment; fields of standing corn stretch in all directions; well-fed cattle graze contentedly; the ever-presemt murmuring of monks fills the air. From the topmost bell of the Abbey to the bottom-most barrel in the brewhous, man's devotion to God is…
Viking Fury Viking Fury
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Ragnar Brothers > ... VIKING FURY I claim the right of a viking to die with a sword in my hand ... Take up you battleaxe, then traid, raid, and settle your way across the lengtrh na breadth of the Dark Ages. Ride the curve of the ocean to the edge of the world, beat your shield beneath the Raven Banner and tread boldly into the Halls of Valhalla. Let the owrld of civilised man cower as night desce…
Where theres A Will Where theres A Will
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Ragnar Brothers > ... WHERE THERE'S A WILL The Dukle is writing his Last Will and Testament... and everything is up for grabs. Charm, lies, cunning, and blackmail... use all of these to inherit what you deserve. So leave your good manners and fine breeding behind in Where there's a Will. Game info: Ages: 9+ Players: 2-6 Time: 60 mins


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