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44: A Game of Automatic Fear 44: A Game of Automatic Fear
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44: A Game of Automatic Fear by Matt Snyder Someone you know was just replaced by a machine. No one else knows. You are next. 44 is a suspense and horror role-playing game designed for single sessions with very little preparation required. It's a great game for busy players looking for a one-shot session. GM and 1+ Players 3-4 hours 36 pages
A Dirty World A Dirty World
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A DIRTY WORLD Explore the rain-slicked streets of Film Noir in a game by Greg Stoltz Pursuing the blackest secrets of human evil. Enter a milieu of deception and corrosion where justice is rare and flawed... but swift. Cynical P.I.? Mesmerizing femme fatale? Dead-hearted hit man or pure-hearted reformer raging against the dark? A Dirty World has them all. It also features... An entirely reworked O…
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Roleplaying Game - Revised Core Book Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Roleplaying Game - Revised Core Book
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BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - ROLEPLAYING GAME COREBOOK (REVISED) Have you ever watched the Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV show and tried to imagine yourself in one of the roles? Maybe you thought to yourself “I wouldn’t go up there”, “I don’t think they are telling the whole story,” or “I’ll bet someone’s hiding in that alley.” What if you could take part in a Buffyverse storyline, and do things the wa…
Dance of the Damned Dance of the Damned
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DANCE OF THE DAMNED A storytelling game of decadence and despair by Andrew Peregrine A plague sweeps the land, but you are safe within the walls of a great castle. However, you may not be as safe as you think, for the spectres of fear and decadence walk where the plague has been denied. You are about to tell the story of the inhabitants of the castle. Will they be spared the plague only to fall to…
Discworld Roleplaying Game Discworld Roleplaying Game
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Journey through the off-kilter imagination of Sir Terry Pratchett in the Discworld Roleplaying Game. There's a lot of unusual stuff on the Disc, but don't worry about getting lost – game author Phil Masters has crafted a roadmap to Pratchett-inspired storytelling. Visit settings like the most dubious city in the multiverse, Ankh-Morpork. Intervene in the cultural interactions of trolls and dwarves…
Escape from Tentacle City Escape from Tentacle City
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ESCAPE FROM TENTACLE CITY by Willow Palecek Tentacle City Has a Problem! It's overrun with giant tentacles bent on destruction! In this game of survival horror and dark comedy, you'll take on the role of an unlikely hero, scraped off the bottom of society. 4-6 players 44 pages
HeartQuest: Musical Mistresses HeartQuest: Musical Mistresses
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MUSICAL MISTRESSES by Douglas Larke Ever looked out your window and wondered if there was intelligent life out there? Well, don't bother. Trust us. What IS out there is a crazed maniac who likes to dress up as fruit and furry animals, two evil little faeries who like their humans filleted, a race of polite but conquering aliens lead by a suave Villain of etiquette, and last and not least, a whiny…
Hellcats and Hockeysticks Hellcats and Hockeysticks
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HELLCATS AND HOCKEYSTICKS A role-playing game of chaos, anarchy,and decidedly unladylike behaviour by Adnrew Peregrine St Erisian's school for girls has stood for over a hundred years and survived war, plague, famine, demonic attack, strange explosions in the science block and countless attempts to get it closed by the government. To be fair, not all of these disasters were the fault of the girls…
Magical Fury Magical Fury
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MAGICAL FURY A Magical Girl RPG (by Ewen Cluney) Magical Fury is a dark magical girl RPG, inspired by anime series like Madoka Magica, Sailor Moon, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. Your characters start out as normal girls who discover that they are reincarnated magical girls. They awaken to their powers under fire, and it will be up to you to decide where she goes with new her life from there. Th…
NAMES: The Story Games Name Project NAMES: The Story Games Name Project
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NAMES - The Story Game Name Project A collection of names and related lists from dozens of different cultures, times, and places. Everything from Maori, Russian, and Chinese to Hobo.
Panty Explosion Panty Explosion
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PANTY EXPLOSION A psychic schoolgirl adventure game by Jake Richmond & Matt Schlotte "There are over 864,644 known forces at work against Psychic Japanese schoolgirls" Play Panty Explosion and takee the role of a Psychic Japanese Schoolgirl. With the help of your friends you will endure high school, battle nightmarish demons, best rivals, achieve goals and explore the mysterious and terrifying wor…


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