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Aquarius Aquarius
Out of stock
AQUARIUS A Family Card Game From The Makers of Fluxx Aquarius, the Looney Labs game of elemental connections, is one of our longest-running titles! Kids love the colorful design, fast play, and familiar matching strategy. Adults love the game's competitive edge. It's the perfect family card game. Players take turns playing element cards, trying to get seven connected of their secret goal element.…
Chrononauts Chrononauts
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CHRONONAUTS The Card Game of Time Travel What would YOU do with a Time Machine? Would you stop the sinking of the Titanic? Prevent the assassination of JFK? Kill Hitler before WWII? These are just a few of the possibilities in Chrononauts, the award-winning card game of time travel. To win, you must change history at key points called Linchpins, so that history transforms into the Alternate Realit…
Chrononauts: Lost Identities Chrononauts: Lost Identities
Out of stock
CHRONONAUTS: LOST IDENTITIES expansion This Chrononauts expansion pack contains 13 new Identity cards, plus a new Mission, to mix into your game. Now you've got to watch out for Crazy Joe, who wins with 13 paradoxes, and remember there's someone besides the Cockroach who wants WWIII! These 55-word character sketches for the new ID cards were chosen from nearly 100 fascinating fan-written entries s…
Chrononauts: The Gore Years Chrononauts: The Gore Years
Out of stock
CHRONONAUTS: THE GORE YEARS expansion The early years of the 21st century have been known as the Bush years, but to some time travelers, they were actually called the Gore years... this 11-card expansion pack brings your Chrononauts timeline up to 2008! Find out what might have happened if the 2000 election had gone a different way! Prevent the 9/11 attacks! The Gore Years has five new timeline ca…
Get the MacGuffin Get the MacGuffin
Out of stock
Get the MacGuffin Who will be eliminated next? Get the MacGuffin is a quick game where players must make clever use of a limited hand of cards ranging from ridiculously powerful to just ridiculous. A calculated risk might gain you the coveted MacGuffin, but can you hold onto it until the last card is played? Is the MacGuffin even out there at all? Game Play To start, deal the cards out equally (ma…
Loonacy Loonacy
Out of stock
Loonacy The maniacal matching card game Loonacy is a rapid fire game where players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching one of two images with the images on the open piles in front of them. It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game. Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in this frenzied free-for-all! Game Pla…
Nanofictionary Nanofictionary
1 in stock
Nanofictionary The card game of telling tiny stories Where are we? Who is there? What's going on? And how is it all going to end? These are the crucial questions each player answers, choosing from the cards they're dealt to tell a very short story. Players combine Settings, Characters, Problems, and Resolutions to create a story they then tell to the other players. Game Play Nanofictionary is a st…
Pink Treehouse Pink Treehouse
Out of stock
PINK TREEHOUSE Using fun to fight breast cancer! Treehouse is an award-winning, fun, easy-to-learn game for two to four players. Your goal is to rearrange your pyramids to match the set in the center of the table, using only the moves you roll on the custom die: TIP - SWAP - HOP - DIG - AIM - WILD Game Info: Ages: 5+ Players: 2-4 Time: 5-20 mins
Seven Dragons Seven Dragons
2 in stock
Card Games > Looney Labs > ... SEVEN DRAGONS The Card Game of Dragon Connections! Seven Dragons is a fast domino-like game, where players attempt to be the first to create a connected territory of seven panels of their dragon. Secret Goals add the opportunity to bluff, and with aggressive Action cards in the mix, subterfuge is a necessity! Seven Dragons features original paintings by Larry Elmore,…
Star Trek Chrono-Trek Star Trek Chrono-Trek
2 in stock
Star Trek Chrono-Trek A time travel card game! Explore the history (and alternate history) of the entire Star Trek universe in this version of Chrononauts. Take on the ID of one of your favorite Star Trek characters as you try to alter history to restore your specific timeline! Maybe you need to ensure that the Federation gets founded, or just retrieve the Orb of Time and some tea. Earl Grey. Hot.…


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